Veteran’s Day means learning about what a Veteran did to protect our country and keep us safe. 5th graders write cards to thank them for their service.
5 months ago, Harrington Park School
Veteran’s Day
As a reminder, Monday, October 9th is a 12:45pm dismissal for all students.
6 months ago, Jessica Nitzberg
Don't forget - the Chuseok Festival takes place tomorrow at 4 PM in the Big Gym! We hope to see you there!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
Respect Week Themes!!
7 months ago, Jessica Nitzberg
respect week
What a wonderful way to start the morning at HPS with our Chuseok Festival performances for the school! Thank you to the KPA for organizing and a job well done by all the students who performed! Be sure to come to the community performances this Saturday at 4!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
At last night's Board of Education meeting, the Board thanked and honored our recent retirees for their many years of service and dedication to the district! Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Corriston, Ms. Dever, Ms. Sabo, Ms. Fredette, Ms. Qualls, Ms. Turrin, and Ms. Srivastava!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
Today began at HPS with the entire school observing a moment of silence for the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, honoring all those who lost and gave their lives that day. Never Forget.
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
Lots of fun happening at the HPS tent at Town Day today! Stop by and check it out until 4 today!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
town day
Friday Dismissal Follow Up The severe weather that moved in rapidly this afternoon caused us to adjust dismissal procedures with limited time. Given the severe storms and local flooding we decided to keep the students in our APR and large GYM until they were safely picked up. We understand for families this caused a change to your afternoon pick up routine, but we thank you for your cooperation and patience. As always, safety is our top priority. We especially want to thank the Harrington Park staff many of whom stayed until after 4 o’clock until all students were dismissed. We hope everyone is home safely. Jessica Nitzberg Principal
7 months ago, Jessica Nitzberg
PreK getting to spend time in our new Wellness Rooms doing some stretching and breathing exercises #hp #weare
7 months ago, Jessica Nitzberg
wellness room
Back To School Night Dates!
7 months ago, Jessica Nitzberg
Back To School Night Dates
Lots of fun happening on day 2 in Mr. Torrie's class!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
Thank you to the HSA for hosting this morning's New Family Breakfast! We're very excited to have so many new families in HP this year!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
hsa welcome
And we're back! Happy first day of school, Spartans!
7 months ago, Sean Conlon
spartan first day
Mr. Herbert helping the 6th graders get their lockers set up for the first day of school!
8 months ago, Sean Conlon
locker preview
So nice to see the 8th graders back at the school painting the planters and participating in the first of many 8th grade traditions!
8 months ago, Sean Conlon
Good evening. A quick reminder that this evening's Board of Education meeting will be taking place at 6 PM in the Harrington Park School Band Room.
8 months ago, Sean Conlon
Harrington Park National Night Out is taking place tonight from 6 - 9 PM at Highland Field. Lots of fun activities for all! Hope to see you there!
9 months ago, Sean Conlon
national night out
HPEA Luncheon celebrating our 2023 HP Retirees #hp #weare #service #dedication
10 months ago, Harrington Park School
4th Grade Living Museum #hp #weare #tradition
10 months ago, Harrington Park School