Spartan Head

From the Desk of the President of the Harrington Park Board of Education.

The BOE met last week to reflect on current school year achievements and passed resolutions to reappoint staff including:

·         Appointed teachers and administrators

·         Discussed the District’s 2021-2022 school year goal achievements

The District was able to retain nearly all its staff for the next school year.  The mark of a great District is its ability to retain its staff and its programs.  The Board is pleased to have a dedicated staff who are committed to providing high quality education and a safe learning environment for all HP students.

After many years of teaching, Ms. Marianne Grocela and Mr. Don Morgan have decided to retire.  Their commitment to each student’s well being has left an impression on many in and out of the classroom.  HP was blessed to have Ms. Grocela and Mr. Morgan and they will be missed.  The BOE wishes them the best in their next chapter of life.

The District reviewed the BOE’s 2021-2022 goals and I am pleased to note that all three goals have been met.  The District’s Back-to-School goal has been exceeded by keeping schools open all year long while providing academic and mental support to students.  The teachers, staff, and parents efforts resulted in smooth transition for everyone and provided opportunities to catch up to those that may have fallen behind.

The second goal for the year was to provide ample communication using various channels to enhance transparency and depth of information.  Dr. Fried and administrative staff have been busy all year long with consistent communication through various online & social media platforms and developing a new website which will be launched before the next school year.  In addition, I am hoping this letter from me is providing more transparency and depth of information.

The third goal was to get back on track with capital projects.  The Board worked very hard with the Administration to make significant progress.  There will be a new black top this summer, and many exciting projects are being planned such as bathroom renovation, science lab expansion, and perhaps solar power.

I would like to thank the staff for highlighting Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with insightful lessons and activities.  I am glad all HP students are exposed to diverse backgrounds and are being prepared to succeed in a dynamic society.  

Lastly, I’d like to thank the KPA for donating a bench to commemorate the AAPI members of the community.  

Thank you,

Stephen Hahm