Dear Harrington Park Community,

For the past 7 months, the Harrington Park School District Board of Education trustees have been working to select a Superintendent to move education in HP forward.  This task is a monumental one, given that the District was blessed to have consistency in this position for the last 17 years. 

Through this period, the District has consistently produced outstanding students and provided a solid foundation for their success as responsible citizens. The BOE truly and sincerely thanks the school administration, teachers, and all staff members for their tireless dedication and leadership in making our school great each year for as long as we can remember.

The BOE was challenged to find a new leader for the next generation of excellence and sought community input early in the process.  The overwhelming participation in the input sessions and online surveys helped define the requirements for the Superintendent search.  Furthermore, the BOE recognizes a rapidly changing world around us. Our graduates will face social, scientific, and technological shifts never imagined by previous generations. Thus, the Board desired our next Superintendent to inspire the vision and propel Harrington Park School into the future. 

The BOE spent countless hours and many late nights interviewing, discussing, and deliberating to find the next Superintendent among a pool of excellent candidates.  After a thorough evaluation and extensive process, the Board of Education came to a unanimous agreement on a candidate we thought was the best suited for the position.  It was a difficult decision that wasn’t taken lightly.  The decision on selecting a new superintendent weighed heavily on all BOE members.

While the selection has been made, we cannot reveal the name until all paperwork and approvals from all government agencies have been completed.  We expect to introduce the new Superintendent in a few days.  

The new Superintendent has a proven track record of success in education, and he possesses the necessary skills and attributes that we were seeking in a candidate.  He taught Special Ed and General Ed in K-8 schools for 9 years and served 6 years as K-12 Language Arts Supervisor and K-12 Social Studies Supervisor for a school district.  He is currently the principal of a Bergen County school. He has two master degrees in education and is currently working on earning his PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development.  As a side note, he grew up in Washington Township and his wife is a Harrington Park School alumnus.

Moreover, the new Superintendent demonstrated a deep commitment to education and a genuine passion for serving the community. He impressed us with his clear understanding of the needs and goals of our educational institution, and he showed us that he has the ability to work collaboratively with all members of the administrative and teaching staff.

The BOE strongly believes the new Superintendent will lead Harrington Park School to its next level of excellence by rallying everyone around a shared vision of preparing our children to succeed in this rapidly changing world.  His warm and collaborative manner combined with his track record of innovation, care for all students, and modern teacher development will serve well for many years to come.  And, he will have the privilege of working with an experienced, talented, and strong administration in place.  

The BOE hopes the community will unite to move the school forward for all our children in Harrington Park.



Harrington Park School District Board of Education

Peter Toomin

Matthew Lehman

Brenda Cho

Stephen Hahm

Tommy Perides