Hello HP! 

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Spring Break and an easy return to school.  

During last Thursday's meeting, our auditor visited during our working session and reported that the 2021-22 fiscal year finances are in good order. HPSD’s fiscal health is good overall and there were no anomalies or inconsistencies found. We did receive one recommendation around a process related to professional services acquisition. The district has already updated the process accordingly. 

Relating to House and Grounds, we were able to acquire a grant totaling $13,978 that is going towards fixing the ballasts in the windows in the tower section of the school. This will make it much easier and safer for our staff to open and close windows as needed.

Student Council representatives Anay Nadgauda and Henry English joined us and reported on past and upcoming events hosted by the Student Council.  Of note is that they are planning a scavenger hunt in May for Grades 1-3.  All proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association.  Also highlighted was that Isabella Guerra was voted as April's "Spartan Spotlight".  Way to go Isabella!

In regards to the Permanent Superintendent Search, the Board has completed the interview process and will share a decision at the appropriate time. We still plan to meet our goal to have a permanent superintendent in place on July 1, 2023. Thank you to our community for your patience in this important manner. We also wish to thank our staff and acting administration for their ongoing professionalism and support.

Thank you,

Peter Toomin