Students in grades 5 through 8 who are identified for SAIL Program will participate in a twice-weekly pull out program.  The small group instruction is organized on a rotating schedule. During these sessions, students work on a variety of activities that focus on higher order thinking skills and creative problem solving.

    The PLUS Program provides an opportunity for students outside the SAIL Program to be included in long term projects that will enhance their experience in an area in which they have demonstrated high ability. Students selected for the PLUS Program may be selected for more than one activity and must meet the following criteria:

    • Subject Teacher Recommendation
    • GPA in that subject area of 3.7 (A-)


    Students selected for a PLUS activity will be notified by mail a week before the PLUS inclusion is scheduled to begin.  This notice will outline the activity the student has been selected for and the anticipated time frame for that activity.

    SAIL/PLUS students will:

    • be exposed to new topics
    • be provided with opportunities to develop higher level thinking skills
    • be encouraged to develop independent work habits
    • participate in group activities as a contributing member and/or leader
    • participate in small group, self directed activities with students of similar ability
    • be exposed to new outreach opportunities including:
      • -Northern Valley  “VIA” Program (7-8
      • -Buehler Challenger and Science Center (5-6)
      • -Bergen County “Brain Busters” (7-8)
      • -World Game (5-6)
      • -Rube Goldberg (7)
      • -Meadowlands Environmental Center (8)
      • -Invengineering Design (5-6)
      • -Stock Market Game (5 and 8)
      • -C-SPAN StudentCam (8)

      • Students will be pulled on a rotating schedule and asked to sign a contract making them responsible for homework/assignments missed in their regular classes.  Students will be given a monthly schedule and are expected to follow that schedule and come to SAIL classes without reminders. Exceptions will be made with regard to major exams, but students must demonstrate their commitment to the program.
    • contact
    • dever@hpsd.org
    • (201) 768-5700 Ext 38063
    • Room 63