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    Language Arts
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    Course Description:

    Grade 7 English/Language Arts encompasses a wide range of topics including a study of grammar, vocabulary, the writing process, and multiple genres of literature.

    Class Policy:

    *This classroom is a place of learning and respect. Anything that interferes with this atmosphere will not be tolerated. Choosing to disregard classroom rules will lead to detention, parental contact, and/or meetings with administration.

    *All students must arrive to class on time and prepared with all materials necessary for class. Students who are unprepared will be penalized.

    *All work must be received by the given deadline- any work that is not received or is late will be penalized.

    *If you are absent from school it is mandatory that you make up work in a timely manner. You must see me as soon as you return to school to receive makeup work or schedule makeup times.

    *If you are absent for band/music lessons you ARE accountable for that day's work. You must see me before lessons to receive work.

    Remember- other students aren't always reliable. Don't count on them to tell you all missed work. Check this website for assignment updates.