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    * We are always looking for recycled supplies we can use for up-cycling.  Check out our Don't Throw That Out Section at the bottom of this page.  Summer is a great time to recycle or donate some old materials not wanted anymore.  Please check out our list of things we are always looking for.  If there is anything you can think of that is not on this list we will most likely take that too!  Send us an email if you have any questions!  
girl painting
  • "A picture is a poem without words" ~ Horace

Meet the Dynamic Duo

  • Mrs. Pidane:
    I have been teaching art at Harrington Park School since 2002.  I currently teach grades four through eight.  I am constantly amazed at our amazing student artists and am so excited to be able to share my love of art with them. 
    Mrs. DeBellis:
    I have been teaching art at Harrington Park School since 2008.  I currently teach Kindergarten through third grade.  Everyday is an exciting journey into imagination!
    Contact Information:

Cool Student Work

  • Wait!  Don't Throw that Out!
    Many objects that we throw out can be very useful in the art room.  Before you throw out anything you think you don't need, check this list and see if the art room could use it.  We love to recycle and reuse!
    *brown paper bags 
    *old magazines (age appropriate, name and address removed)
    *old animal books or animal magazines 
    *caps from plastic laundry detergent bottle
    *plastic dishes with lids (butter/margarine – Cool Whip, WASHED)
    *coffee cans with lids WASHED
    *Zip-lock storage bags
    *odd saucers, cups, bottles, glasses for still life drawings
    *baby food jars or small jars with a top WASHED
    *sea shells
    *old jewelry
    *old kitchen utensils
    *old vases
    *Baby wipe containers with or without lid 
    *old tools - hammers, pliers, etc.
    *misc. arts and crafts items or supplies
    *bottle caps
    *soda can tabs
    *empty and washed milk containers
    *empty and washed plastic soda bottles all sizes