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    The following is an overview of what we will be learning in 5th Grade Math:
    a.    Whole Numbers  (All operations)
    b.    Number Theory  (Divisibility Rules, LCM, GCF, Prime Factorization)
    c.    Fractions  (All operations)
    d.    Decimals   (All operations)
    e.    Order of Operations  (Including Exponents)
    f.    Proportions and Ratios
    g.    Algebra:  Expressions & Equations  (one-step)
    h.    Graphing on a Coordinate Plane
    i.     Data Analysis, Statistics, Graphing
    j.     Geometry  (basic shapes, quadrilaterals, area, perimeter and volume)
    k.    Measurement (customary and metric)
    l.    Word Problems  (various strategies, single and multi-step problems)
    a.    Quizzes
    b.    Tests
    c.    Class work / Class participation
    d.    Projects (Graphing, etc.)
    e.    Homework
    f.    Binder Quizzes    (each MP, counts as a quiz grade)
    g.    Math Operations  (each MP, counts as a quiz grade)
    h.    Mid-Year Assessment  (January)
    i.     Final Exam  (June)
Last Modified on September 21, 2018