Art Show

HP Art Show - April 13th 2022


6:00-7:30 PreK-8 Artwork Displayed 

Throughout Building-  4/5 Hallway, K/1 Hallway, 2nd grade Hallway as well as the Hallway to the APR.


6:10-6:25-APR- String Ensemble Presentation

6:30-6:45 APR- Jazz Band Presentation

6:45-7:00 APR-6th Grade Band Presentation


6:30-7:15-Courtyard Sweet Treat 

“Celebrate HP'' Ice Pops Courtesy of HSA   


6:00-7:30- Library 

 Families will have the opportunity to purchase or make personalized postcards for $1. All proceeds will go to support Ukraine Children Refugees. 


6:15- 7:00 Computer Lab - Parents & Students in Grades 4-6 Visit the Computer Lab to view student generated Blooket Games!


Evening Finale-7:10-7:30-Gymnasium

8th Grade Play Preview- Addams Family Jr.