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I am so proud to be the Principal of Harrington Park School. From the start, I have felt fortunate to be part of a district and community strong in its core values of education.  

A driving force for me has always been the act of connecting with students and guiding them to become aware and responsible for their academic and behavioral choices. The opportunity to impact so many students at the K-8 level makes for very fulfilling and rewarding days at HPS. I find myself sharing with many how the students of HP are truly dynamic and I am impressed daily with their high level of respect, academic dedication, and good decision making. It is important to recognize the strong influences from both home and school which contribute to this student success.  

Through “Caught Doing Good” at HP and Student of the Month I am able to draw attention to character and citizenship. The central focus has been to celebrate the students of HP for their academic, extra curricular, and behavioral successes. I can't do this without the strong support from the HP staff. They have embraced and assisted in the promotion of these programs.

It is important to note that the two programs have provided a platform to highlight and recognize the fantastic things that student and staff have been doing at HP prior to my arrival. Whether it is the Student Council organizing the “Homes for our Troops” fundraiser, a classroom teacher focusing students on an individual service project, watching small acts of kindness in the hallways, or having almost all of our 8th graders volunteer at the Hebrew Union Soup Kitchen and the Reverse Inclusion Program for children with autism. I have been impressed again and again by your children and their high levels of self and community awareness.

Please utilize my webpage as you can find important information, current student news, seasonal newsletters, and upcoming events. I encourage you to email or call throughout the school year to communicate with me. In addition, if anyone would like to arrange a meeting at any time to discuss specific behavior, social, or emotional concerns regarding your child please call the main office for an appointment.

Jessica Nitzberg
Harrington Park School
[email protected]
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