• Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff Members:

    The Harrington Park School District participates in the Bergen County Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program.  The purpose of this program is to acknowledge outstanding achievement based on the following criteria:

    Criteria for Selection of Teachers

    ¨       Set high expectations for all students;

    ¨       Hold an appropriate instructional certificate;

    ¨       Establish a positive classroom climate and rapport with all students;

    ¨       Develop feelings of self-worth and a love of learning in all students;

    ¨       Increase student achievement of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in a student-centered learning environment;

    ¨       Use a variety of instructional strategies that enable student to be successful;

    ¨       Use educational technology effectively in support of learning; and

    ¨       Contribute to quality professional development in their district.

    Criteria for Selection of Educational Services Professionals 

    ¨       Interact positively with students, staff and parents while functioning as a frontline

     advocate for the student between home and school;

    ¨       Hold an appropriate educational services professional certificate;

    ¨       Foster an appropriate environment for learning and explore creative alternatives to enable all students to achieve to their fullest potential;

    ¨       Interact with students in ways that demonstrate professionalism while retaining respect, humor, compassion and concern for the whole child;

    ¨       Support student achievement of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards while addressing the educational, social and emotional needs of all students; and

    ¨       Contribute to quality professional development in their district.

    The Harrington Park School Selection Committee will select one of the nominated staff members from the district for this program.  Please note that administrators are not eligible.

    The teacher or educational services professional that is selected will receive a certificate of commendation and will be honored with other recipients county-wide at a recognition luncheon sponsored by the Bergen County Association of School Administrators and the Bergen County Education Association.  Current faculty members who are past recipients of the award are

    *Jamie Pidane, *Stephanie Healey, Bob Leichte, Katie Rausa, Laura Gavilanes, Allison O’Brien, Patricia Sabo, and Nicole Drumgoole.  Previous recipients may be nominated once again except for those who received the award within the last two years.

    The committee is requesting letters of nomination based on the criteria listed above.  All letters of nomination must include a minimum of three reasons for consideration.  The criteria listed above are guidelines; please do not feel limited by these suggestions. 

    Your sealed letters of nomination must be returned to the Committee, care of the Office of the Superintendent, on or before March 27, 2015.

    We are fortunate to have professionals of exceptional ability teaching and serving the students and staff in the Harrington Park School.  Your assistance in writing about what makes these professionals exceptional is essential.  The committee will keep nominations in the strictest confidence.  You may want to share your recommendation with your nominee(s).  It could make their day!

    Your interest and cooperation are appreciated.


    Adam D. Fried, Ed.D.




    *Not eligible during this nomination cycle