• Grading Guidelines: Grades 5-8

    Middle school students are expected as always to come prepared for gym class and be ready for gym a few minutes into the class. Being ready means sitting in home spots and focusing on the teaching staff! Students are expected to try their best regardless of the activities that we are working on. Students should model responsible behavior and are always encouraged to help fellow students along the way.


    Each day students will be marked present, absent and so on in an attendance book.  In conjunction with the attendance book, the PE staff will have a Performance book for each class. At the end of each class students will be given the numbers 0, 1 , 2 , or 3 (1 being worst and 3 best). This score will be based upon a number of criteria:

    • Being prepared for class
    • Participating fully in class
    • Helping others
    • Being Punctual

     A student will receive a   0   if they are not prepared with proper attire and/or sneakers!  

    Students will also receive a   0   if they are not able to participate and have not provided an "excused note"
    from the nurse for medical reasons.  
    If a student receives a 0 in phys ed the day of a game or meet they will not be permitted to participate.

    Each day the students will be given a number and in the same box a letter explaining the reason for the number i.e. 3/P the 3 would be agood grade and the P stands for participation so the student tried their bestthroughout the class. The letters are as follows


    U – Unprepared

    P – Participation

    T – Tardy

    B – Behavior (good or bad)


    The letter guide will help teachers to monitor student progress and will be used if and when a parent inquires about a grade.




    The grading formula works as follows. If there are 40 classes in the 2 marking periods the maximum score would be 120, with the minimum of 40. We then create a percentage based on the accumulated points for each student and give the grade according to Harrington Parks’ grading guidelines.

    E.G. Johnny gets 90 points out of 120. The percentage is 75% and therefore the student is given the grade of C.


    Note:  If a student is absent/band/ brain busters this does not count for or against him/her. The final grade is factored based on the number of times a student is in gym class and participating.


    Any questions please feel free to contact the PE Dept at your convenience.