The Harrington Park School District believes that it is important to help students realize that their own attitudes and acts are directly related to their school experiences and that of their classmates.  With the support and assistance of Harrington Park’s school personnel and parents, all students have the capacity to demonstrate actions which contribute to the effectiveness of their school and the worth of their learning experiences.  Commensurate with their maturational levels and individual abilities, all students can behave in ways that enhance the social relationships of the school and facilitate learning.


    Public and private safety are constitutional rights.  Students, parents, and school staff need to work together to see that these rights are preserved in our school district.  Harrington Park School’s students’ rights and responsibilities are as follows:


    Student Rights


    Students have the right to a free public education.

    Students have the right to equal protection under school policies and regulations.

    Students have the right to a safe and orderly school environment in which to learn.


    Student Responsibilities


    Students have the responsibility to obey school policies and regulations and the school authorities who enforce them.

    Students have the responsibility to join with other members of the school community in respecting one another.

    Students have the responsibility to treat school property and the property of others with respect and to act in a way that does not interfere with the rights of others and is not harmful to the health and safety of others.


    All students are expected to honor their responsibilities and behave in ways which respect the rights of everyone.  The Harrington Park School District’s “Student Code of Conduct” includes, but is not limited to, the following:


    Appropriate Behavior


    Students will:

    ¨        enter the building no earlier than 8:33 a.m. unless attending an authorized activity or with written teacher permission;

    ¨        arrive on time prepared for the day’s work and complete assignments as required;

    ¨        exhibit self-respect and show consideration toward teachers, staff members, parents, school volunteers, and fellow students;

    ¨        use school property and equipment with care;

    ¨        demonstrate considerate and safe behavior in classrooms, hallways, lavatories, lunchrooms, and on the playground;

    ¨        use respectful, considerate, appropriate, and acceptable language at all times;

    ¨        wear clothing that is comfortable, presentable, and does not interfere with the educational process;

    ¨        seek teacher assistance whenever necessary; and

    ¨        demonstrate responsibility while participating in or attending school sponsored events regardless of location.


    Inappropriate Behavior

    It is important to note that inappropriate behavior will result in consequences.  As per Board of


    Education Policy 5600, in addition to school consequences being applied for inappropriate

    behavior by students that occur during the school day or at school-sponsored events, school discipline and school consequences may be applied for inappropriate behaviors by students that take place outside of the school day and/or off school grounds.


    Students will not:

    ¨                    disturb the class or school by being disrespectful, rude, or by refusing to obey any staff member;

    ¨                    fail to follow school and classroom rules (i.e. running in the halls, throwing objects, fighting, bringing items of distraction to school, gum chewing, wearing hats in school, pagers, tape/cd/mp3 players, telephones, etc.)

    ¨                    abuse any student by verbal abuse, actual or physical harm, extortion, or willful destruction of personal property;

    ¨                    commit any criminal act;

    ¨                    damage or deface school property;

    ¨                    possess alcohol, tobacco, or drugs;

    ¨                    use insulting, profane or offensive language, or make obscene remarks or gestures;

    ¨                    use gang related gestures and or signs; and

    ¨                   wear clothing with sexist pseudo-humor or containing obscene messages.  For specific information on appropriate clothing, see the section in this handbook on Dress/Appearance (School).



    Each student, as is true for every citizen, is entitled to due process.  Therefore, a request for a conference in the presence of parents will be honored. It is expected that each student will accept the responsibilities included in the Harrington Park School District “Student Code of Conduct.”


    In order to insure a standard and equitable approach to the issuance of consequences the following disciplinary action(s) have been established and may be implemented.


    Offenses NOT RELATED to student/staff safety, substance abuse, and well-being or destruction of school property:


    ¨                    Verbal warning

    ¨                    Parent/teacher conference and or detention

    ¨                    Conference with the relevant administrative staff member


    Offenses RELATED to student/staff safety and well-being or destruction of school property:


    The following consequences (in addition to those identified above) may be implemented depending on the severity of the offense(s).

    ¨                    Referral to Assistant Principal

    ¨                    Exclusion from extracurricular activities

    ¨                    School suspension (in or out of school)

    ¨                    School probation

    ¨                    Expulsion


    All Board of Education policies regarding grievance procedures and the right to “due process” are available at any time by contacting the Office of the Superintendent.