• Caught Doing Good at HP
    I believe it is important to recognize and celebrate the students and staff of HP for positive acts of kindness and deeds. Often, students and teachers go above and beyond to help one another or do something for the betterment of HP. The information below provides an overview of the program. 

    What is considered “Caught Doing Good at HP”

    Identifying a positive behavior can often be subjective and will vary by grade level. The goal is that unique and thoughtful acts will be recognized. Often, for students it will mean breaking them out of their comfort zone or seeing them take a positive risk.

    Who Can Nominate……

    Staff to Student

    Student to Student

    Student to Staff

    Staff to Staff

    How Can Someone Nominate….

    Anyone can get a “Caught Doing Good Form” from the holder on the outside of Ms. Nitzberg’s office door. The person nominating will fill out the sheet with the nominee’s full name and date. Then, a brief description of the “act” is required. Finally, the person nominating needs to put down their name as verification make be needed. However, on the bottom of the form the person nominating can choose to remain anonymous. Completed forms are to be placed in Ms. Nitzberg’s mailbox.


    Once forms are complete “Caught Doing Good as HP” postcards will be written and come out of Ms. Nitzberg’s office. Staff will receive postcards in their mailbox and students will get postcards sent home.

    In Addition to HP Postcards…….

    Additional student incentives will vary based on grade level and may include:

    Bracelets(Live Strong Style)