Overview and Expectations:

              This class is designed to teach students various study, note-taking, and organizational skills.  Students are expected to come to class with their assignment pads, folders, and workbooks for each subject.  They are expected to use the time in the class efficiently in order to gain assistance with upcoming tests, projects, or any other short or long-term assignment.


    Areas Addressed:

              The subjects covered during support class are Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading/Language Arts, and Spanish.  Each day will focus on the subject each student feels he/she needs to work on.  Students will be taught how to read a textbook, utilize the reference materials in a textbook, take notes from a textbook, outline a chapter, study for tests, write summaries and other texts, organize their materials, and budget time efficiently.


              If there are questions about assignments for homework, first consult your assignment pad.  If you do not have access to your assignment pad, click on the "Homework" tab on this website to access each teacher's assigned work.

    Useful Graphic Organizers:

              Plot Line     
    Multiple Paragraph Organizer