• Language Arts

    The Writer's Workshop


    The Harrington Park Staff was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend workshops at Teacher's College.  These workshops gave us the knowledge and ability to set up Writer's Workshops in our classrooms to teach Language Arts.  I have found this to be a wonderful way to teach the students to love writing and to write well.  The small group setting of our resource room classrooms is an ideal place for the Writer's Workshop and it has been extremely successful.


    Each student will be required to keep a Writer's Notebook.  Everyday they will be expected to write about something of interest.  An entry can be anything as long as they are writing.  It could be a description of something, a retelling of their day, topics they would like to explore further, or even a list of interesting words.  They will be able to use these notes to help them select topics when they explore different types of writing.


    A typical Writer’s Workshop includes the following elements:

            *A time to write

            *Instruction - mini lessons on grammar, genre studies, editing skills, etc.

            *Conferencing - meeting time with the teacher to discuss the writing.

            *Units of Focused Study - including the craft of writing and genre study.

            *Publication - a celebration of our completed writing.  We read our completed work to the group and celebrate our accomplishments.