• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What do the teachers expect from me?

    A: The classroom is a place of learning and of respect! Anything that interferes with this atmosphere will not be tolerated. This means no talking out of turn, rude behavior, foul language, bullying, or any other disregard of rules. Before doing anything, ask yourself if the behavior is respectful of the teacher, the other students, and yourself. If it isn’t… don’t do it! Fourth grade is going to be a great year for everyone! 

    Q: What do I need for class?

    A: Always come to class prepared. Being prepared means having all of your homework, books, and your pencil case.


    Q: What if I forget something in my homeroom?

    A: For the first trimester you may go back to your homeroom and get what you forgot. At the end of the first trimester, you will not be allowed to go back to your homeroom. It is your responsibility to be prepared. 


    Q: What if I have a question or an answer?

    A:  The fourth grade teachers love and encourage class participation. During a lesson, always raise your hand. However, you’ll notice that during a literary discussion (for example) things are a little more casual. If you have an opinion or question to add to the discussion, you may voice it without raising your hand. But, never interrupt the teacher or another student who is talking. 


    Q: What do you do when you hear the bell?

    A: Stop what you are doing, be quiet, and turn your attention to the teacher. 


    Q: What if I forget my homework?

    A: Homework counts towards your final marking period grade. If you do not complete your homework, you receive a zero in the teacher’s grade book and complete the assignment during recess. 


    Q: What if I need to go to the bathroom?

    A: Only one boy and one girl are allowed out of the classroom at a time. Raise your hand and point to the door. When the teacher nods okay, get up, take the bathroom pass, and sign out. Hurry back, sign in, and return the pass. You MUST get an okay nod from the teacher to leave. NEVER leave without asking. 

    Q: Where do we go for a fire drill?

    A: Fire drills are very important and teachers take them very seriously. You must be quiet and respectful at all times. During a fire drill, get up from your seat and line up. Follow your teacher to the assigned line up location.


    Q: What if I need to sharpen my pencil?

    A: Look and see if someone else is using the sharpener. If not, get up and go! No need to ask. If there is someone using it, be patient and wait in your seat until they are finished. 


    Q: What if I am absent?
    A: If you are absent you are responsible for making up work in a timely manner. See the absent folders when you return to pick up material you missed. The teachers will not come looking for you.


    Q: What if I have band?

    A: If you have band and miss a class, it is your responsibility to go to your teacher by the end of the day and get the work that you missed. You ARE held responsible for that day’s work and homework.


    Q: When do I have snack and what can I bring in to eat?

    A: There will be a 10 minute working snack at the start of 3rd period.  The purpose of this snack is to get you from breakfast to lunch.  We encourage you to bring in one healthy snack.  All 4th grade classrooms are peanut and tree nut free.  Please make sure your snack meets this requirement.  


    Q: What if I am confused or need help?
    A: Ask questions! If you are still confused ask your teacher for extra help!! She’s more than happy to see students before school. Whatever you do, don’t ignore your confusion.