"I have a question!"
    If you need to contact me please email me at murphy@hpsd.org  or send in a note with your child. I will respond within 24 hours of receiving your note/messege.

    Each week a paper listing the homework for the week will come home.  Please refer to this sheet each day. 


    Homework is necessary for reinforcement of skills taught during the day as well as practice of newly learned skills and concepts.  Homework is expected to be handed in daily or weekly depending on the assignment. Please be sure to initial the poetry book and have your child pack it up in his or her backpack each night to encourage responsibility and independence.  


    The Reading Incentive Program is considered a homework assignment.  The program will begin in October and continue until June.  The children will receive a First Grade Star Reading Calendar to be completed each month.  Children are expected to read at least 15 minutes per night. (Monday-Thursday)  Directions for the Star Reading Incentive will be distributed at the end of September.



    Spelling Strategies

     Parents: If you are looking for an effective way to have your child study their spelling words, you might want to have your child try one of these spelling strategies.


    Students: If you are looking for a new way to study your spelling words, try the steps listed below!


    1)   LOOK at the word.

    2)   SAY the word.

    3)   COPY the word.

    4)   SPELL the word aloud.

    5)   WRITE the word without looking at it.


    You might also like to try this strategy:


    Use these steps to help you learn your new spelling words or any other words you would like to learn how to spell!


    1)   Choose a word.

    2)   Pronounce the word carefully.

    3)   Look at each part of the word as it is pronounced.

    4)   Say the letters in sequence.

    5)   Spell the word in your mind.

    6)   Check your spelling.

    7)   Write the word.

    8)   Check the written spelling.  *Many students forget to do this!

    9)   Repeat each step with the next word.