• Harrington Park Middle School

    Contemporary Dance Unit


    Dance is an important part of Physical Education in that it is a great life skill for one to possess. In this contemporary dance unit students will learn to work as a team to create a dance from start to finish. The team will be responsible for song selection, as well as all of the sequential movements throughout the dance. Each member of the team must participate equally in order for the team to get a competent grade.

    All teams will be given ample opportunity to practice and rehearse prior to their performance.




    • Each team shall consist of 5 – 6 dancers
    • Each team shall be co-ed in nature
    • All dances must be performed to a musical stage song i.e. high school musical (7th grade only), or to a modern pop song (8th grade only)
    • Teams should dress appropriately for the dance, props are welcomed
    • The performance shall last the entirety of the song.
    • Teams should focus hard on keeping rhythm, tempo, & beat.
    • Each team will receive a letter grade and group score for their performance.




    • Be creative, the less repetitive the dance, the better the score.
    • Dancers are encouraged to use as much of dance area as possible.
    • Choose a song that is more up beat and fun, this way eliminating the actual need for accomplished talent.
    • Have fun, and show it!!!




    • Each team will be given 5 gym classes to prepare for the performance. Part of the grade will reflect how well students use this time to invented and practice performances. If there are any members of the group that are failing to pull their weight please talk to the appropriate PE Teacher long before the performance. Please do not come up to one of us after the performance to vent your frustration.


    Non-participants i.e. those that don’t try to work as part of a team will receive an F letter grade for the unit!


Last Modified on September 11, 2008