• 7th Grade Health Syllabus

    This years’ 7th grade Health will be presented in a different format from the 6th grade year. Students will now be required to complete 7 small projects on a variety of subjects within the Health curriculum to pass.

    Students’ projects (listed below) will be used to help educate their peers on the various Health topics that are to be covered.


    These projects are:


    • Healthy Living Poster with Slogan
    • Educational TriFold warning of the dangers of drugs, alcohol or tobacco abuse. Students will have to choose a substance and then research information that will inform other of the side effects, dangers, laws and so on regarding to the substance.
    • Small group skits. Showing the importance of good decision making. Groups will write and act in skits to demonstrate what can happen when we make good/bad decisions. (i.e. a high school party scene)
    • Good Diet/Bad Diet poster. Students will work in pairs to put together a poster showing healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Students will then go over macro nutrients and the effects they have on the body.
    • Body System Posters: Group project; each group gets a different system of the body, must breakdown the functions, organs, and educate their peers with a presentation.
    • Exercise/Activity paper. Students will choose one form of exercise and briefly explain the benefits of this.
    • 25 years from now. Students will write a letter to Mr. Torrie that will inform the reader as to the goals that have been achieved by the student 25 years from now.



    Each project will be due every other week, ample class time will be given to reduce homework levels. If students complete each project within the timelines and to a good standard, the students will be awarded with a passing grade. If projects are unfinished or not up to par, then the result will be a failing grade.
    At the end of the course, students will be given an open ended final which will act as a bonus project so that students who have struggled during regular class may make up the work and obtain the requirement points to pass the class.
     If any parents have any questions or concerns about the format of this years’ Health classes please feel free to email us at either

Last Modified on February 9, 2012