• 7th Grade Health Assignments

    All assignments should be handed in on due date. Late assignments will not be accepted. If students are absent, please hand in on the next day they return to school!

    Assignment 1 – Healthy Living Poster with Slogan


    Week Due – February 27th – February 29th (depends on students’ day for health)


    Details: Students will create a poster which can be used to education the lower elementary students about Healthy Living. Poster should be bright and easy on the eye with a simple slogan to match. Topics may include cleaning ones’ teeth or washing ones’ hands.



    1. Student has selected an appropriate Healthy living topic                       ____
    2. Poster comes complete with a slogan                                                       ____
    3. Poster is bright and easy on the eye                                                         ____
    4. Poster is suitable for educating younger students                                    ____



    Assignment 2 – Educational Trifold


    Week Due – March 5th – 7th


    Details: Students will choose a substance category (i.e. stimulants or alcohol) and create a document that will inform others of the dangers of such a substance. The Trifold should include information such as facts, the laws regarding the substance, and any other pertinent information.




    ·        http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/DrugFact/index.html

    ·        http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/

    ·        http://www.justice.gov/dea/concern/concern.htm



    1.      Student chose a particular drug category                                    _____

    2.      Student presented clear facts about chosen drug                        _____

    3.      Students created a colorful/eye catching trifold                           _____

    4.      Student gave additional information such as history of

    the drug.                                                                                   _____








    Assignment 3 – Good Diet/Bad Diet Poster


    Week due – March 12th – 14th


    Details: Students will work in pairs to put together a poster showing healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Students must be creative when putting poster together as the poster must be educational in nature.



    1.      Poster is finished and clearly show the students names                                  ____

    2.      Poster created by both members of the group                                              ____

    3.      Poster is bright and easy on the eye                                                             ____

    4.      Poster could be used to educated lower elementary kids                              ____


    Assignment 4 – Exercise/Activity Paper


    Week due – March 19th – 21st


    Details: Students will choose either a form of exercise or an activity and explain the benefits of this. An example could be playing tennis recreationally; the paper should include what forms of fitness (i.e. flexibility, strength) the sport/activity targets. It can also include where one can go to do the activity, as well as calories burned and any other pertinent information. The paper should be between 1 and 2 pages, double spaced, in Times New Roman with the font of 12.



    1.      Paper is in correct format and between 1 and 2 pages in length                    ____

    2.      Student has clearly stated an activity/sport and explained the

    benefits of said activity/exercise.                                                                  ____

                3.   Student has informed the reader of where said activity can be done              ____

                4.   Student has given additional information about the activity                            ____


    Assignment 5 – Small Group Skits


    Week due – March 26th – 28th


    Details: Students will work in the groups they have been assigned to create a dramatic skit, showing the importance of good decision making. Groups will write and act in skits to demonstrate what can happen when we make good/bad decisions. (i.e. a high school party scene)



    1.      Groups will hand in the written dialogue/direction for skit                 _____

    2.      Skits will show consequences of good and bad decisions                 _____

    3.      Each group member has an active part to play in skit                       _____

    4.      Storyline interesting and realistic                                                      _____


    Assignment 6 – Body System Poster


    Week due – April 2nd – 4th


    Details: Students will work together in the same groups as for their skits and dancing. Group project; each group gets a different system of the body, must breakdown the functions, organs, and educate their peers with a presentation.



    ·        http://www.innerbody.com/htm/body.html

    ·        http://kidshealth.org/kid/htbw/

    ·        http://www.kidskonnect.com/subject-index/31-health/337-human-body.html

    ·        Google images





    1.      Group has worked together to create body system poster                  ______

    2.      Poster explains function and organs in system                                     ______

    3.      Poster is well laid out and easy to read                                               ______

    4.      Group presents the poster well to the class                                         ______



    Assignment 7 – Letter to Mr. Torrie 25 years from now


    Week Due – Any time between now and the spring recess


    Details: Students will write a letter to Mr. Torrie imagining themselves to be 25 years older. The letter should include information on achievements that they have accomplished, family life, occupation, where they live and so on. Information such as the college they went to and what they studied should also be included. Any other pertinent information maybe such as what they do to exercise should be included as well as goals for the future.



    1.      Letter is written in Times New Roman, font 12, and between 1 and 2

    pages long, double spaced.                                                                            _____

                2.   Letter is dated and signed by student                                                           _____

                3.   Student includes all relevant information about his/her life                         _____

    Any questions will be answered at torrie@nvnet.org

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