• Grades 4 - 8: Guidelines

    These guidelines have been established for the safety, hygiene and ease of movement for your child in physical education.


         I.    Appropriate Dress            nike


    All students are required to change cloths worn to school for physical education. 

    1.      Socks

    Athletic socks are required with all sneakers.

    2.      Athletic Footwear

    Sneakers that tie are required.  Platform, slip-on’s, backless or Uggs are not allowed for safety reasons.

    3.      Athletic Shorts

    Cotton or nylon shorts with an elastic waistband are required.  Shorts are considered too short if they do not reach the end of the extended hand and too long if they are below the knee.  Please no Sofee shorts, jean shorts or cargo shorts!

    4.      Tee Shirts

    Lightweight and loose fitting tee shirts are required.  Tee shirts are required to be long enough that the midriff is not exposed during movement.  Tank tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, and sleeveless jerseys are not acceptable.

    5.      Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

    These items may be worm outside only.  Sweatpants should be cotton or nylon with elastic waist.

    ·        All physical education clothing should be free of holes, buckles, snaps, zippers, and belts for the safety of all students.

    ·        Clothing that has been cut off and all denim items are not acceptable.

    ·        All jewelry must be removed prior to class.

    II.    Excuses                  note

    1.      For injury or illness, which occurs prior to the school day, notes must be written by a parent/ guardian and presented prior to the beginning of class.  Excuses will be accepted from the parent/ guardian for a period of up to one week.  Beyond that a physician’s note is required.

    2.      Excuses from the school nurse will only be given if the accident or illness occurs during the day.

    3.      The school nurse and physical education staff, at which time the parents/ guardian will be notified, will evaluate repeated excuses.

    III.    Protective Devices          cast

    1.  Students wearing casts, splints or other protective devices; having sutures; and those recovering from a recent fracture may not participate in any school athletic program unless approved by the school physician or a note from the student’s physician is given to the nurse.