• Grades K - 3:  Curriculum

    I.  Basic Movement Skills              run
         A.  Perform various locomotor skills using appropriate form:  walk, run, jump, hop,   
               gallop, skip, slide, leap, combinations.
         B.  Demostrate non-locomotor skills:  bend, reach, twist, swing, push/pull, balance,
               land, fall
         C.  Participate in manipulative skills:  wand, hoops, scoops, parachutes, bean bags, pins, 
               balls, scarves, deck rings, frisbee, lummi sticks, hoppidy hops, paddles,
                  striking  equipment, jump ropes.hula hoop
         D.  Apply skill practice:  bounce, catch, throw, kick, dodge, strike, tag, start, stop,
                volley, dribble, roll an object, chase, flee, aim.
          E.  Perform the following body control activities: jump/land, balance, spin, strength
               building, rock, roll, turn, weight transfers
          F.  Perform animal walks and movements.
          G .  Understand the concepts of personal and general space.
       lucy   H.  Demostrate the use of rhythmic apparatus.
          I.  Recgonize changing environment:  Over/under, obstacles, targets.
          J.  Perform and describe creative movement.
    II.  Movement Concepts
          A.  Identify body planes and parts using Simon Says, body streches, Hokey Pokey
          B.  Perform directions, patheays, and levels
          C.  Demonstrate rhythm, tempo, beat and musical style
    III.  Team Sports  bball   
           A.  Participate in lead up type games
               (soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, etc.)
    IV.  Individual Sports, Recreational Games/ Lifetime Activities
          A.  Ring Toss, bowling, boxball, four square, dance, bocci, croquet
    V.  Playground Apparatus
          A.  Use equipment and discuss the appication of safety factors.
    VI.  Strategy
          A.  Work together for a common goal.
    VII.  Sportsmanship, Rules, and Safety
          A.  Demostrate and explain positive feeling toward safety in physical education.
          B.  Discuss positive attitudes and behaviors toward self and others in physical
          C.  Discuss the value and importance of maintaing physical fitness on a regular basis.
    VIII.  Fitness and Physical Activitypush up
          A.  Employ health related fitness
          B.  Demonstrate skill related fitness
          C.  Recognize body responses