• Physical Education Guidelines

    Grades K- 3

    Ms. Von Tobel/ Mr. Morgan/ Mr. Torrie


    These guidelines have been established for the safety and comfort of your child in physical education class.


    I.                  Attire               shoes         

    v     Socks and sneakers are required with laces or Velcro closures at all times.


    Ø      Sneakers with a no laces are not acceptable.

    If dress shoes or boots/ Uggs are worn to school students should be given sneakers to change into prior to physical education class.


    v     Outdoor and Indoor Attire- loose fitting clothing appropriate to temperature and physical education activity should be worn.


    v     All jewelry and watches must be removed prior to class.



    II.               Excuses                 note


    v     For injury or illness, which occur prior to the school day, notes must be written by a parent/ guardian and presented prior to the beginning of class.  Excuses will be accepted from the parents/ guardian for a period of one week.  Beyond that, a physician’s note is required.


    v     Excuses from the school nurse will only be given if the accident or illness occurs during the school day.


    v     The school nurse will evaluate repeated excuses, at which time the

                 parents/ guardian will be notified.


    III.           Protective Devices      cast


    Students wearing casts, splints or other protective devices; having sutures; and those recovering from a recent fracture may not participate in any school athletic program unless approved by the school physician or a note from the student’s physician is given to the nurse.