• Helpful Computer Programs and Activities

    Stykz - Stykz is a multi-platform stick figure animation program. Stick animations are a fun and simple way to create your own stories in picturesAdd people, animals, letters and objects and move and bend them a little in each frame, and with very little effort you have built an entire movie!
    Wordle - Wordle allows you to create a visual representation of words.
    Tagxedo - Tagxedo allows you to take words and make them into a cool shape!  Great program for kids to enjoy!
    Chase dangerous monsters, wind your way through dark tunnels - all while you learn your multiplication! Timz Attack is a first person shooter game where you use math to fight your opponents instead of weapons!

    Zoodles.com: Internet Browser and Virtual Toybox for Kids

    Zoodles.com is a simple, safe, and free web browser for young children, created by a team of educational professionals with your child's Internet safety in mind. Kids love the Zoodles browser because it offers them a virtual toybox full of educational, entertaining sites that are age- and interest-specific.
    If you or your child need to remember information for an upcoming test or exam, the free Memory Lifter automated flash card system may be the answer. Memory Lifter is a free flash card program that presents flash cards using various sensory outputs and using a special display technique that enhances a student's ability to remember.
    In Robomind you can learn basic programming concepts by programming a robot which moves around on a map.

Last Modified on October 7, 2013