• Grade 7 Excel


    You’re invited…

    To a party at a friend’s house this weekend. You have been asked to make some kind of delicious dish for all party attendees. You may choose to make an appetizer, a main dish, or dessert.


    Using the foodnetwork, you will find a recipe that seems easy to make.


    Next, you will create an Excel ingredient/shopping list to prepare for your “trip” to the grocery store. On this spreadsheet, you will include all ingredients needed to purchase, the quantity needed for the recipe, how much you are actually purchasing and the price of the item from the stores.


    Your parents have given you $50 to spend. Therefore, you MUST compare prices from two local supermarkets, ShopRite and A&P. Once you have gathered your price information, you will add this to your spreadsheet and create a bar graph comparing the prices of each item. You will also, calculate a total cost from each store.


    When you are finished, you must print both the spreadsheet and the graph on two separate pages. The spreadsheet should be neatly organized and easily readable. You must merge headings, add borders, change font sizes, and add the currency format to specific cells. You may also add color to the box totals so they really stand out.


    The graphs will be a bar graph, with an appropriate title and labels. You may also change the colors of the bars too.


    Good luck and happy shopping!


    P.S. Use the attached sample to help you in the design of your spreadsheet.

    Don’t forget to fill in the OUTLINE page before you put the information into Excel.

Last Modified on October 7, 2013