• A Few Things to Know About First Grade

    First Grade is a great year. Students will learn many new things and have a great time doing it. I ask that each child please come to school every day ready to work hard and with his or her homework completed.  In addition, all students are expected to follow school and class rules.


    Classroom Management: Cubes

    At the start of each week your child will be given 5 cubes.  In the event that he or she breaks a school or classroom rule, a cube will be lost.  Children who have 5 or 4 cubes left on Friday will be able to participate in all of Fun Friday.  Children who have 3 cubes left will miss 5 minutes of Fun Friday.  Children who have 2 cubes left will miss 10 minutes of Fun Friday, and children with 1 cube left with miss 15 minutes of Fun Friday.  Finally, children with no cubes left will have their parents contacted and will not participate in Fun Friday.  


    Marble Jar

    This is a whole class incentive.  When the entire class is "caught being good" they will earn a teacher designated number of marbles.  When the marble jar is full, the students will vote on a reward they would like to enjoy.



    Birthday Party Procedures

    We love to celebrate birthdays!  When it is your child's birthday, he or she will get to select a special privilege from the Birthday Menu.  He or she will also be given a birthday crown and fun straw.  Finally, our class will sing Happy Birthday, and your child's birthday will be announced on HPTV.  Please remember that food is no longer allowed to be included in birthday celebrations.



    Healthy Snacks

    The students will be given a snack break every day in the morning. Please send your child to school each day with a healthy snack to enjoy.  You may also wish to send a water bottle, which may be kept in the classroom for your child to drink from throughout the school day.