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    Curiosity Corner Curriculum

    • Our Pre-K program uses the Success For All: Curiosity Corner Curriculum. Curiosity Corners aligns with the state and national Early Childhood standards. The curriculum is also rated one of the top four highly recommended curriculums for preschool ages by the New Jersey Department of Education. 
    • Curiosity Corner is a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children of preschool age, and focuses on 8 specific domains that meet the "whole child." These domains include: Creative, Oral Language/Literacy, Emotional/Personal, Mathematical, Cognitive, Science/Social Studies, Physical, & Social/Interpersonal.
    • This year we will develop language skills, gain independence, follow directions, rules, and routines, develop attention spans, improve fine and gross motor skills, and develop problem solving skills. We will also work on increasing social interaction, and we will develop fair play, and imaginary play skills. All of these goals will be met each and everyday through one on one interactions, and large and small group settings.
    • Click the link to learn more about Curiosity Corner, and to see videos of the program in action: Curiosity Corner


    Curiosity Corner Elements

    Gathering Circle: Children are welcomed into the classroom and participate in Morning Meeting routines.

    Move It: A structured movement activity (dancing, yoga) that is related to the thematic unit.

    Clues & Questions: With the help of Curiosity the Cat, children are given clues and are asked questions to find out our thematic unit and focus of the day.

    Getting Along Together: Games and activities that engage children in a whole-group setting to work on social skills and self-regulating skills.

    Rhyme Time: Theme related rhymes and songs to promote phonological & phonemic awareness.

    Plan & Play: Children explore imaginative play in small groups on theme related scenarios.

    StoryTelling & Retelling: (StaR) Engages children to enhance listening comprehension, making predictions, retelling, and learning new vocabulary words.

    Math Moments: Short, hands on activities to develop and enhance math concepts. 

    Questions & Reflections: Children recall and summarize activities completed throughout the day and week.

    Curiosity Corner Home-Link

    Curiosity Corner has teamed up with Sesame Street to create fun and educational videos for Pre K students. You may choose to watch the home-link videos by clicking the link below. Be sure to only watch the videos that match the unit and day we are on. Refer to bi-weekly newsletter to help stay on track. After the video, ask your child questions about what the video was about, what they learned from the video, etc.

    *Please remember*

    *this is an optional activity to create a home-school connection by facilitating conversations about school between you and your child. *

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