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    Birthday Celebrations

    Our school has adopted a No Food Policy for birthday celebrations. 

    Your child will take home Teddy the Birthday Bear on the night of his/her birthday. If your child's birthday falls on a holiday or break, we will arrange a school night for your child to take home Teddy. 

    You will receive: a tote bag with Teddy the Birthday Bear, the book: Curious George and the Birthday Surprise, and the birthday binder. 

    Your child will spend quality time with Teddy, and will complete the next blank page of the binder by drawing a picture of something special he/she did with Teddy.

    You can also read the book to your child and Teddy as a bedtime story.

    Your child will share his/her page in the birthday binder to the class the next day.

    All items must be returned inside of the tote bag the next school day to prepare to go home with the next child.

    If Teddy endures any accidents, I ask that you please replace our class with a new Teddy for the rest of the children to enjoy on their birthdays.