• Classroom Management

    Classroom management and student behavior are very important in my classroom. I focus on reinforcing positive behaviors through incentive programs for individual students and the whole class.

    "Sweet Behavior" Sticker Charts: Each student will receive a "Sweet Behavior" sticker chart. As students exhibit positive behavior each day, they will earn stickers at the end of the day. Once a student has filled his/her chart, he/she will choose a special prize from our class prize box.

    Paw Points: Students will earn Paw Points as they exhibit positive behavior within whole group settings, and as they engage and work cooperatively with peers. Each time the Paw Point jar is filled, the class will celerbate in a variety of ways. 

    Weekly Behavior Log: (clipped in take home folder): a face will be colored in each day to indicate how your child’s overall day was. A comment will be placed in the comment box, or an email will be sent home, if needed.