• Harrington Park School believes in the importance of our students becoming productive citizens of the future.  We hope you will join us in our efforts to strengthen our school and home community through character education. 

    During my first meeting with students, I cover the true meaning of character, and reinforce that we can all strengthen our character and be our "best self" as time goes on. To support this idea, at the start of each class, I will ask students to give an example of a good act of character that they either witnessed or heard about through another source.  It is important to me that our students understand that there is still a good amount of positive things going on in the world around us, even though most of what we hear is negativity in the news.  Kindness will always prevail. 

    I will see each class of 6th graders one time per week and all lessons/activities will be based on the theme of the month.  Please see below for a list of topics to be covered.  Also, feel free to reinforce and encourage these positive character traits at home! 

    September -    Positive Attitude
    October -        Respect
    November -    Fairness
    December -    Caring
    January -        Responsibility
    February -      Honesty
    March -          Perseverance
    April -            Self-Discipline
    May -             Citizenship
    June -             Leadership 
    Please remember that although children at this age can be greatly influenced by peer pressure, you are still your child’s most important teacher!  Thank you for your continued support. 
    We recently focused on our character strengths.  Each class was able to fill the entire wall with ways they have shown their strengths! 
    Way to go 6th graders! 
    Character strengths