• Scottish Country Dancing 
    Things you should know about Scottish Country Dancing:


    1.      The Scots Gaelic term “Ceilidh” means social gathering or party.


    2.  The main musical instrument played in Scottish Country Dancing is the accordion.
    3.  Couple or partner dances in Scottish Country Dancing are:   
    •   Military Two-Step 
    •   Gay Gordons
    •   Canadian Barn Dance
    •   St. Bernard's Waltz 
    4.  Group dances in Scottish Country Dancing are:
    • Dashing White Sargeant 
    • Strip the Willow
    • Eightsome Reel 
    5.  Dance steps in Scottish Country Dancing:
    • Heel- Toe
    • Slide Step or Schottische Step
    • Set or Pas de Bas
    • Figure of 8
    6.  Traditional dress for Scottish Country Dancing:
           Men- kilt and sporran (side pouch)
          Women- plaid or tartan dress & sash