• Here are the lesson topics that were discussed during the month of May:


    Kindergarten -  We continued our focus on appropriate behaviors and social skills during play.  We role played appropriate behaviors while playing and discussed various situations that may arise while playing and how to navigate them.  Students then practiced by splitting up into small groups and playing board games.  


    First - We learned all about our brain and what happens when we experience big emotions.  We learned what it means to "Flip your lid."  We also learned and practiced various calming strategies. 


    Second - We worked on a communication skill of giving sincere apologies.  We discussed the qualities that make up a genuine apology and the qualities of an apology that is not very genuine.   Students then practiced and role played giving sincere apologies in hypothetical situations.  


    Third - We focused on friendships and how our personalities influence our relationships.   We read the book, Making Friends is an Art and discussed what personality traits are beneficial in friendships and what traits could hurt friendships.  Students then worked on a self reflection activity and thought about personality traits they exhibit in their friendships.  


    Fourth - We also spent time learning about our brains. They identified the role of their amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex on our emotions and how to calm down when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or angry.  


    Sixth -  Our weekly focus has been on self-esteem, respect for others, and empathy.  In addition to discussing these topics in class, we did a movie study on Wonder and looked for examples of these themes.  We will have a culminating project to close out the school year.