Green Club meeting times are announced on HPTV.
    • Water Bottle recycling is up and running.  We need volunteers to sign up daily through the new year.  If you would like to help collect recycled water bottles please see Mrs. Howell. 
    • What do you do with your old dried out markers?  Please help us keep the Earth green by recycling them.  Each classroom has a bag to collect all varieties of old dried out markers and highlighters.  These will be sent to Crayola to be recycled...HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!
    • Coups for Troops is beginning again!  We are collecting your UNWANTED manufacturer coupons (Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G) from the newspapers and will be sending them to military families overseas where they can use them at the commissaries.  We love to PAY IT FORWARD!!!!
    • How do you help the Earth stay clean, beautiful and healthy?  Tell us here and be entered to win a prize!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER