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    The Debate Team welcomes any 6th, 7th or 8th grader who is interested in developing research and public speaking skills that will serve them well in high school, college, and beyond.  We meet on Wednesdays after school, beginning in September and ending in early February.  Our schedule of debates can be found below, along with the debate topic for this school year.  The coaches for this year are Mrs. Fredette and Mrs. McGinley.  We look forward to another great year!
    Novice Debate Schedule for 2017-2018 School Year
    Start time for all debates: 4 PM
    Wed, November 1 @ Harrington Park
    Wed, November 15 @ Carlstadt
    Thurs, December 7 @ Cresskill
    Wed, January 17 @ Tenafly
    Wed, January 24 @ Tenakill
    Mon, February 5 @ Tenafly MS


    Education Reform

    Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.


    United States students do not rank well compared to their peers from other countries.  Achievement gaps also exist between children from different ethnic groups and between affluent and low-income students. Are the schools at fault or are other issues to blame? What changes in funding, regulations, standards, or support for our schools will bring better results? Do we need more teachers, higher teacher pay, uniform teacher standards, and/or smaller class sizes? Will more money for technology improve teaching? Do we need more flexibility to employ and develop different types of schools? Do we need more flexibility within our public schools? What will bring up graduation rates and help United States students compete internationally? How can we prepare and train the future United States workforce? This resolution will provide a balanced field to discuss these important education issues. The affirmative teams will have the ability to critically examine everything from charter schools to online programs to for-profit schools. There is flexibility to argue for or against K-12 in traditional schools versus more specialized schools. Each area of the country has substantially different standards and rules. This topic allows students to examine those differences and how the federal government can improve education across the board. Negative ground includes
    arguments from traditional policy options such as federalism, States CP, other agent counterplans, solvency deficits as to whether the affirmative is affecting a large enough scope to solve, spending DAs, politics scenarios, etc.


     View a Powerpoint presentation:What is Debate? 

    All debaters must bring in a signed Debate Permission Slip  before the first debate.

    Bergen County Debate League

    Novice Division

    Shortened Round

    2017-2018 Debate Season

    Teams should write their names and codes only on the board.  You do not need to write the resolved.

    1AC 5 Minutes

    CX 2 Minutes

    1NC 3 Minutes

    CX 2 Minutes

    2AC 5 Minutes

    CX 2 Minutes

    2NC 3 Minutes

    CX 2 Minutes

    Prep 2 Minutes

    Rebuttals 2 Minutes each

    Each round should be about 30 minutes.