• Day 1

    Language Arts/Reading:

    1)    Take a picture of the snow outside

    2)    In your journal write a paragraph answering these questions:

    ·        If I were a snowflake I would…

    ·        Winter wind is like…

    ·        When I look out the window during winter, I see…

    Make sure your paragraph has:

    Sentences with subjects and predicates

    Sentences that begin with capital letters

    Sentences that have end punctuation



    Complete multiplication facts until you get to 80%



    Upload worksheet and complete on sheet of paper at home. Be sure to show your work and label answers.





    Login: hppark

    Password: hppark

    Search famous scientists

    Choose any scientist and watch the Brainpop video. When you are finished anwer the following questions:

    1)    What is your scientist’s name?

    2)    Where did the scientist live/work? (country, city)

    3)    What was the scientist’s important contributions (why do we recognize and remember the scientist today?)

    4)    List any interesting personal information


    Social Studies:

    1)    Visit the Time for Kids website and search for an article of interest

    2)    Read the article

    3)    Answering the following questions about your article and be prepared to inform the class of your current event



    What is the event?

    When did it happen?

    Where did it happen?

    Who was involved?

    Why is it important?

















    DAY 2


                Reading/Language Arts:

    Login to Action magazine online.


    Click on student sign in and enter password: hpschool14


    Choose an article from the current issue.  Before reading, preview the story paying close attention to titles, subtitles, pictures, and new vocabulary words.  Complete the K and W in the KWL chart.  After reading, complete the L column.




    What I already Know

    What I Want to Learn

    What I did Learn


























    1)    Log in to brainpop.com

    Username: hppark

    Password: hppark


    2)    Under search, type Geometry. Watch video.

    3)    Complete graphic organizer listing as many uses of geometry in each category

    Uses of Geometry






























    1)    Visit http://www.sciencemadesimple.com/science-definition.html and read the page the link takes you to.

    2)    What latin word does the word science come from?__________________

    3)    What does the latin word mean?___________________

    4)    Complete the graphic organizer with the four branches of science. Under each category, write a topic of study beneath the science field


    The Different Fields of Science



































    Social Studies:

    1)    Visit http://www.ideafinder.com/history/category/toys.htm and browse and read about a few inventions that interest you.  Choose one invention and complete the graphic organizer below.

    Profile of a Technology:



    Purpose or use



    When invented or developed



    Where invented or developed



    Main people involved in invention



    Energy source



    People who use it



    Where used



    Other information