Virtual Day One
    Grade 7 
    1. Go to http://CNN.com/studentnews and watch today's broadcast.
    3. In your notebook, take notes summarizing each of the stories.
    4. Write a short editorial opinion piece based on your understanding of one of the stories.
    5. Bonus: many puns did Carl Azuz  make today? What was your favorite?
    Grade 8 
    Go to http://www.youtube.com/crashcourse and find American History episode 22 (Civil War Part 2). Watch episode, taking notes. You may have to watch it twice to catch everything.  Then, answer the following questions:
    1. How did the Civil War play a large part in making the U.S. the country it is today?
    2. List two ways in which Abraham Lincoln influenced the outcome of the war. 
    3. How did lack of foreign intervention help the Union win the war?
    4. Name some of the technology that made the Civil War different from previous wars.
    5. What role did photography play in the war?
    6. Name 2 long term effects of the war. 



    Virtual Day Two
    Grade 7
    1.   Click on Document Based Question in hypertext below
    2.  Read instructions 
    3.  Answer questions # 1-6 based on Documents 1 through 3
    Grade 8 
    1.   Click on DBQ Gr8 in hypertext below
    2.  Read ALL instructions 
    3. Answer questions # 1-7 based on Documents 1 through 4.