• Virtual Day 6th and 8th Grade Assignments Ms. Draijer
    6th Grade- Virtual Day November 19th, 2015
    Metric Conversion Worksheet 
     Density Practice Problems 
    8th Grade- Virtual Day November 19th, 2015
    Access Following Website: 
    Then answer the following questions:
    1. The force of gravity causes all objects to fall at what rate?
    2. What do we sense when we experience a force? Why do larger mass objects experience less of this sensation?
    3. What is damage from acceleration dependent upon?
    4. How can you get a really large acceleration from a very small change in velocity?  
    5. How do you avoid getting a concussion from big impacts?  
    Please complete these questions on white lined paper, or type responses on your device. In the event that you cannot print your response, you may email them to draijer@hpsd.org. 
    8th- Snow Day (NOT FOR VIRTUAL DAY ON NOVEMBER 19th)
    Access News ELA https://newsela.com/articles/?category=science 
    Use Class Code:

    94433F News ELA Access Instructions 

    Go to Newsela.com and click "I'm a student." Enter 94433F when you create your account or when you log in with username and password.

     Read the article, complete and print the quiz. Then respond to the following:
    1. How does this article relate to your daily life?
    2. Which branch of science is this related to and how so?
    3. Is this article positive or negative for the scientific world? For the public?