• Science:
    Day 1
    Logon on to Super Science
    password: 2014hp 
    Choose the most current issue and read one article.  Write a brief summary using R.A.C.E.  on paper and place into your notes section of your binder.
    Email me so I can mark you as present, and bring in work tomorrow. Howell@nvnet.org
    Day 2
    Logon to Brain Pop 
    login: hppark
    password: hppark
    After you have logged in view this video on The Scientific Method
    Takle out a piece of paper and write down your answers to the quiz that comes up at the bottom of the screen after the video (take the classic quiz and email me immediately upon completion, Howell@nvnet.org)
    quiz image
    Social Studies 
    Day 1
    Choose an article from the most current issue and write a race essay on paper.  Place this in your binder in the notes section.  Email me as soon as you have completed this.
    Social Studies
    Day 2 
    read through the following powerpoint
    Write down 5 Facts from the presentation and how they can affect the people who live there.  Do this on lined paper and place in you binder.  Email me immediately upon completion.  Howell@nvnet.org