• Science- Day 1
    1. Watch  Brain Pop video "Moon Phases."
       - Click on QUIZ (bottom left) after watching the video.  Take the classic quiz or review quiz to see how much you know.
    log in information:
    Username:  hppark
    Password:   hppark
    Search: Moon Phases 
    2. The Moon - Reading Comprehension
       - Print out the following reading comprehension assignment.
       - Read and answer the questions at the end of the passage.
    Science- Day 2
    - Go to the following webpage: 
    - You should see tabs for the following topics:  Producers/Consumers, Food Chain, Bigger Chains, Decomposers, and Photosynthesis.
    - Read the information on each topic.  
    - Print out the worksheet below and answer the questions. 
    - Once you are done with the questions, feel free to play the games (last tab).