• Extra Tips


    Try a few of these at home to help your child!!

    a)   Read lots of books, but add the newspaper (the funnies too)

    b)   Practice counting and making change with real money

    c)   Monthly (at least) trips to the library – share the plot of a good book

    d)   Build with Legos (and other blocks) to make cities and name them

    e)   Do puzzles – try to invent one

    f)     Design a house or a town or a school on large paper

    g)   Try crossword puzzles and word searches

    h)   Listen to all kinds of music – talk about what you’ve heard

    i)      Watch TV shows that model good behavior

    j)      Care for a pet – even goldfish count

    k)   Play outside every day (except during a thunderstorm)

    l)      Write and illustrate stories – send some to school on the mini page of The Record

    m) Start a collection and plan how to display it

    n)   Cook simple meals together (measurement and estimation)

    o)   Organize the bedroom and homework areas

    p)   Write to relatives often

    q)   Care for plants – inside and outside

    r)     Write and give a puppet show for younger children

    s)   Draw maps of rooms in the house, your street, or other places, and label them

    t)     Tell time every chance possible

    u)   Practice math facts orally

    v)   Have little spelling bees (usually past spelling units)

    w)  Practice how to act in all kinds of emergencies

    x)   Keep a chart of the weather (use the newspaper or the weather channel

    y)    Use a calculator to practice more difficult math problems and experiment

    z)    Know and practice the right way to use the telephone



    The more you and your child do consistently – the more it helps.

Last Modified on September 20, 2009