• Spelling Strategies

    Parents: If you are looking for an effective way to have your child study their spelling words, you might want to have your child try one of these spelling strategies.


    Students: If you are looking for a new way to study your spelling words, try the steps listed below!


    1) LOOK at the word.

    2) SAY the word.

    3) COPY the word.

    4) SPELL the word aloud.

    5) WRITE the word without looking at it.



    You might also like to try this strategy:


    Use these steps to help you learn your new spelling words or any other words you would like to learn how to spell!


    1) Choose a word.

    2) Pronounce the word carefully.

    3) Look at each part of the word as it is pronounced.

    4) Say the letters in sequence.

    5) Spell the word in your mind.

    6) Check your spelling.

    7) Write the word.

    8) Check the written spelling.  *Many students forget to do this!

    9) Repeat each step with the next word.

    Spelling Questions?

    (Source: SPEL… J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D.)


    What is the best way to help students learn the words they missed on spelling tests?


        An effective method for studying unknown words includes: visual inspection, auditory inspection, kinesthetic reinforcement and recall - always with the words treated as wholes.  Here are two examples of effective techniques:


    Fitzgerald Method

    Horn Method

    1)   Look at the word carefully.

    2)   Say the word.

    3)   With the eyes closed, visualize the word.

    4)   Cover the word and then write it.

    5)   Check the spelling.

    6) If the word is misspelled, repeat steps 1-5.

    1.    Pronounce the word carefully.

    2.    Look carefully at each part of the word as you say it.

    3.    Say the letters in sequence.

    4.    Attempt to recall how the word looks, then spell it.

    5.    Check this attempt to recall.

    6.    Write the word.

    7.    Check this spelling attempt.

    8.  Repeat the above steps as necessary.


             As a speller matures, emphasis on correctness should increase.  Still, it is best to hold children accountable for correct spelling in the context of final drafts of compositions being readied for publication.  For a grocery list, it really does not matter if the word written is katchup, catchup, or ketchup.

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