• Math Extensions

    The following are a list of activities you can do to extend your child’s mathematical learning.  You can try them each night or even as you are driving in the car.



    1)   Practice your math facts to eighteen, but use them in word problems.  For example, Tim has seven cards.  He needs twelve cards.  How many more cards does he need?  Be sure the answer has a label (5 cards).

    2)   Use the TV guide to find the time of a favorite show.  If it is 6:00 now, how many more hours until the show begins?

    3)   Practice counting by different amounts to get to 100 (5s, 10s, 25s, 100s).

    4)   Any problems that work with money are perfect.  Try to relate to something that can be bought at lunch.

    5)   It is always fun to experiment with a calculator.

    6)   Any mental math is excellent – using no paper and pencil give a brainteaser (10-5+1=??).

    7)   Flash cards are helpful if they are used slowly but consistently.


Last Modified on September 20, 2009