• Literature Extensions

    The following are some suggested activities or topics to discuss with your child as he or she does the reading homework.  Remember the goal is to enjoy reading with your child!!


    1)   What does the picture on the cover tell about the book?

    2)   What does the title tell about a book?

    3)   What other titles could be used for the book?

    4)   How would the book be different if it were set in another time or place?

    5)   Would the book make a good television show or movie?

    6)   What did you learn from this story?

    7)   Design a bookmark or poster about the story.

    8)   Dramatize a scene from the story.

    9)   Why do you think the author wrote this story?

    10)         How much about the book did the first page tell you?

    11)         Play charades with titles or phrases from the story.

    12)         Draw a map of the story.

    13)         Make a list of questions you would ask the author about the book.

    14)         If you could talk to the main character of the book, what would you talk about?

    15)         Read another book by the same author and compare them.

    16)         What was the setting of the story?

    17)         Who are the main characters of the story?

    18)         What was the problem of the story?

    19)         What was the solution of the problem?

    20)         If you were the author how would you change the story?


Last Modified on September 20, 2009