• Project Explanations

    Show and Tell
    If your child comes home with a Show and Tell Bag, please help him or her to select an item of importance to share with our class.   The item must fit completely inside the bag.  Students need to write 3 clues that will help the rest of the class guess what they have hidden in the bag.  Students should practice reading the clues they have written at home.  When your child comes to school the next day, he or she will read the clues, and the rest of the class will guess what is inside the bag.  Your child will then be able to talk to the class about the item they are sharing.

    Student of the Week
    Each week a new student will be selected as Student of the Week.  When it is your child's turn, he or she will need to create a poster sharing information about him/herself.  Your child should do the writing and coloring on this poster with your assistance.  I will provide a sample of this poster on the Friday prior.  Your child will also need to choose a few special items and some pictures of him/herself and your family to bring in for a display.  Please be sure not to send any very valuable or breakable items that your child can't do without for the week's time.


Last Modified on September 20, 2011