At HP, we know for our students holidays are special and important. In an effort to be in compliance with NJ State Education Guidelines and to better manage the growing number of food allergens we will continue to celebrate. However, with the exception of the December holiday party and the June year end party we will be moving away from food and sweets as the focus of our holiday celebrations.

    Halloween-Thanksgiving-Valentine's Day-St. Patrick's Day-Spring Party Alternatives:

    - Class Parents will work with the classroom teacher to arrange for a craft/project that the class can complete during the designated time.


    -Any students wishing to give a small token to their classmates ( this is popular on Halloween & Valentine's day) must bring in food alternatives such as; stickers, pencils, bookmarks to pass out. No candy or food can be distributed as gifts.


    As mentioned above, the holiday (December) and "year end" (June) celebrations can include food. The "menu" for these two parties will be coordinated between the class parents and the classroom teacher.


    During this 2014-2015 school year we will be working with all stakeholders to review current K-5 birthday practices related to food and possible adjustments and alternatives for the 2015-2016 school year.