Classroom Management


    I focus on reinforcing and shaping the positive behaviors exhibited by the students in the class.  However, if a child needs an individual behavior modification plan, one will be implemented.  Below are some incentive programs in my classroom that reinforce appropriate behaviors exhibited by individuals, whole class, and teams.


    Cubes are an individual incentive.  Every week your child will be given five cubes. If they have all of their cubes at the end of the week, they get to participate in Fun Friday in the classroom (this is additional to recess). The first cube taken is a warning and no sticker for the homework folder.  The second cube taken they will miss 5 minutes of Fun Friday.  The third cube taken they miss 10 minutes of Fun Friday.  If all five cubes are lost, they do not get to participate in Fun Friday at all and I contact home.

    Marble Jar

    The marble jar is a whole class incentive.  When the class is caught doing a good job following the rules, being respectful, or working cooperatively, they earn marbles.  When the marble jar is full, the class decides together on a reward. For example, a marble jar party, extra recess, popcorn and a movie, etc.

Last Modified on September 9, 2014