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HP Library

Welcome to the Harrington Park School Library Media Center

Media Specialist:
Melissa McHale

Any questions or concerns please contact:
Phone Number:  (201) 768-5700 ext.38017
Email Address:  [email protected]

Our Library Procedures


Guiding Principles:                                     
The Library Media Center maintains a collection of materials that supports the curriculum and provides faculty and staff access to materials that meet their diversified interests.  It is a place where students can relax and explore on their own.  Our library computers allow internet access which puts students in touch with worldwide information as well.  Classroom behavior rules are expected to be followed when a student is in the library.  In order to create a pleasant atmosphere where we gather and work together, the following procedures and rules must be adhered to:

Library Procedures

CHECKING OUT:  All materials are checked out at the circulation desk.

-Students in grades 1-8 may have two books checked out at a time.  Additional books may be checked out for assigned projects.

-Grades 1-4
Books will be checked out for a one-week loan period.

-Grades 5-8
Books will be checked out for a two-week loan period.

-Library books may be renewed for an additional loan period if needed.

RETURNING:  All borrowed materials must be dropped off at the circulation desk for check-in upon entry to the library.

-If a book is not returned on time, it will be considered late.  Additional books may not be checked out until    the student returns the overdue material.
FINES:  Students are responsible for the material checked out to them.

-In the event that a book is damaged beyond repair or lost it will need to be replaced. If a book is lost, a written note from a parent or guardian must be sent to the librarian.  You will be notified by letter at the end of the school year of any fines a student has accumulated.  A final report card will not be delivered until the fine is collected.

STUDENT SCHEDULES:  Students in grades K-6 and 8th have assigned periods during the week at which time they visit the library.

-Grades 1-5
Students are assigned one library period on a weekly basis.

-Grade 6
Students are assigned two library periods weekly for research and study skills.

-Any student may visit the library when the librarian is present with permission from their teacher.   Each student must present a pass from their teacher to the librarian.  A total of up to five students at one time may be sent and will be permitted to complete their assignment in a timely manner.  Students are expected to follow the library rules during their stay and go directly back to their classroom upon completion of their task.

-Use your quiet voice while in the library.  Be respectful, courteous and cooperative with teachers and fellow students.  NO RUNNING ALLOWED.

-Your hands should be clean before handling library books.  Take care when holding books, remembering to never hold the book spine.

-Always use a shelf marker/ruler when you are previewing a book.  If you do not want to check a book out, please put it back where you found it.

-When books are chosen to take home, take care of them while in your possession.  Keep them in a safe place away from pets and small children.

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