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Community Service

Community Service

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Service learning/community service as a requirement in public school has merit in its early development of the concept of volunteerism and the ongoing need for community volunteers.  Here in Harrington Park, we would not have the services of fire and rescue squads or other community organizations without volunteers.  

Middle school students in Harrington Park are expected to take part in community service as part of the regular school program, increasing the amount of hours as they move from sixth grade to eighth grade.  We anticipate that the experience of community service will enable students to make informed choices as they move to high school and that the habit of community service acquired at Harrington Park will last a lifetime.

Goals of Middle School Service Learning/Community Service Program:

-          Increased awareness of community needs

-          Foster sensitivity to others

-          Develop a sense of responsibility beyond the self to the family and community

-          Enhance the sense of each student’s own effectiveness

-          Develop the habit of community service

-          Demonstrate the competency of middle school students in helping the community

-          Address aspects of the statewide initiative in the area of character education

Community service is any activity or service performed without compensation.  It can be performed for family, a neighbor, the school community, or the community at large.  Some examples of service learning/community service are:

-          Raking leaves/shoveling snow

-          Babysitting

-          Cleaning up the school grounds

-          Helping a teacher after school

-          Reading to young children at the library

-          Tutoring younger children

-          Volunteering at an animal hospital

-          Participating in school fundraisers or projects (i.e. Project Pride)

-          Volunteering for a local cause

-          Volunteering at your place of worship (i.e. church or temple)

Basic Requirements:

As part of the social studies classes in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, students will discuss the value of service learning/community service.  Both the teacher and students will provide examples.  Each project selected should be age appropriate and must have the approval of a parent.  The activity must be performed without payment in order to receive credit for it.  Students will complete their projects and document them on the service log.  Forms should be turned in to the guidance office no later than the week of June 5, 2017.

Sixth graders………………..10 hours of service per school year

Seventh graders……………..15 hours of service per school year

Eighth graders………………20 hours of service per school year

If you have questions or concerns regarding community service, please feel free to contact the guidance office.

Lauren N. Carter                                            Victoria Rozema
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